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Beardy Bulk | www.beardybulk.com - Personal training, Coaching Online, Bodybuilding, Fitness training
Beardy Bulk | www.beardybulk.com - Personal training, Coaching Online, Bodybuilding, Fitness training

Are you tired of going through diets and training program that doesn’t give you any effects, only frustration?

Are you tired of listening to trainers full of crap, who doesn’t know what exactly is their job and only want to drain your bank account?


If your answer to one or more of this questions is YES, then you came to the right place for YOU!

I’m Chris, The Bearded Trainer, and I’ll be happy to help YOU! Let’s begin the journey!


I’m Chris, certified Personal Trainer since 2014 and a gym member since 2006.

For the first few years I was preparing for powerlifting by one of the best oldschool strenght trainers from Poland, who taught me a lot about all aspects of training, after that I switched into strenght training just for pleasure and that brought me into bodybuilding. I’m a person whom loves to learn and constantly evolve into something better. That’s why I decided to became a Personal Trainer and not only help some friends but to make a living from what I love which is fitness and training.

After years of being fooled about training and body biomechanics, I knew that my approach to this subject will be ‘brutal and painful TRUTH’, I don’t sell lies, myths and fairytales. I’m not gonna promise you things that simply are not doable.

My goal is to HELP as many as I can with REACHING their GOALS and EDUCATE them, so that they can continue this FANTASTIC JOURNEY on their OWN. Being much smartet, healthier, better looking and… LIE- and FOOLPROOF! When you learn your body, no one will ever sell you some bullshit training or diet that simply doesn’t work.

So…. let’s start learning!

Beardy Bulk | www.beardybulk.com - Personal training, Coaching Online, Bodybuilding, Fitness training


‘Krystian is my “old” personal trainer, a very professional one. Before we started, he consulted with me about my lifestyle and goals, ran diagnostics on my body. Then he taught me proper technique. He created a very good training plan for me. He offers a very high level of service !’

Wieslaw Ksenycz

‘When i first entered to the gym, i was a little confused. I wasn’t sure which machines i should use and so one. So i improvised and started with training. Suddenly Krystian step by and asked do i need any help. After that we become friends and i started to train with him. He did such a wonderful job. When we had though excercises he always knew how to make them more enjoyable, also when he saw that your battery is low, he started to push you to finish your excercises, which is very important. So i really recommend to work out with Krystian, he is smart guy and knows well what he is doing. Start training already today :)!’ Maris Mehine

‘Krystian is my favorite one, amonstg trainers. He’s a demanding person that knows what he wants. Execution of plan, effects, atmosphere and personality of the trainer i’m working with, is what matters to me. It’s not easy to match my criteria. I met Krystian and that was it. His passion for trainins is really impressive. I recommend working with Krystian to those that like to have everything on plan.’ Ewelina Heinze

What can I say.. a fu****g good trainer. For half of my life my back was hunched like a banana. We started with a test training that made me unable to even wash my face, then we’ve begun working together and the effects came right away – 50% increase in strenght, improvement of my whole physique, especially in legs department and my posture. Those effects last till this day. We lack this type of trainers. If you don’t want to take training seriously, you better quit now. Hubert Idczak

Very good trainer. Real professional. Progress was really visible just after one month of training. Krzysztof Sosnowski



every day contact via e-mail, fully customized plans with constant updates:
diet 65€ / training plan 65€
both 110€


including fully customized diet, training and supplementation plans with constant updates, contact via e-mail and whats app, 1 hour of skype introduction conversation 270€


1 consultation 45€
10 PT’s pack 350€


Standard, not customized training and diet tips to get you started and hyped
for more, made as a two 4 weeks programs with different approaches
to strength training 30€

-15% SALE, deadline: 31.10.2017


Beardy Bulk | www.beardybulk.com - Personal training, Coaching Online, Bodybuilding, Fitness training

e-mail: info(at)beardybulk.com

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